Configuration for Invenio-Admin.

invenio_admin.config.ADMIN_APPNAME = 'Invenio'

Name of the Flask-Admin app (also the page title of admin panel).

invenio_admin.config.ADMIN_BASE_TEMPLATE = None

Admin panel base template. By default (None) uses the Flask-Admin template.

invenio_admin.config.ADMIN_LOGIN_ENDPOINT = 'security.login'

Endpoint name of the login view. Anonymous users trying to access admin panel will be redirected to this endpoint.

invenio_admin.config.ADMIN_LOGOUT_ENDPOINT = 'security.logout'

Endpoint name of logout view.

invenio_admin.config.ADMIN_PERMISSION_FACTORY = 'invenio_admin.permissions.admin_permission_factory'

Permission factory for the admin views.

invenio_admin.config.ADMIN_TEMPLATE_MODE = 'bootstrap3'

Flask-Admin template mode. Either bootstrap2 or bootstrap3.